The prayer worked

Mark Bracher

I am not a healing evangelist, but I do believe in a God who heals. Not only in Bible times, but also today. A few times, I have experienced that people were healed when I prayed for them, but also many times where people were not healed. Whether people experience something or not, I leave up to God. Our job as Christians is to pray.

One of the times when a miracle actually happened was when I was working at a boarding school as a teacher and school pastor. It was a Christian school that also took in students from non-Christian backgrounds.

One evening when I was on duty, one of the students came and asked if I would pray for him. The boy was not a Christian, but he was severely afflicted with Tinnitus (howling and wheezing in his ears), and he had been afflicted by this for several years. Now that he had heard a lot about God, he wanted to give intercession a chance.

Sure I would do that. I found a room where we could be undisturbed, and I asked one of the Christian students if she would join in prayer. She was fine with that.

The two of us laid our hands on him and prayed. - Not for long, just a few minutes. We said amen, and went our separate ways, and I continued the evening shift.

After about a week, I began to wonder if something had happened when we prayed. "Probably not, since he had not come and said anything," I thought. But I asked him anyway if he had noticed any positive change after we prayed or maybe just a little improvement.

He then said to my surprise, "Yes!" When we prayed, he experienced that his tinnitus disappeared completely - right away! He had not said anything to me because he first wanted to wait and see if it would return again. But now more than a week had passed and it had still not come back!

All glory to God.

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