Saved through a dream

Kati Moradi

In Iran, I studied law and political science and have two Bachelor's degrees from the university. I got good grades and I started helping people for free in the small towns in legal matters. People who otherwise could not afford it.

When I was 18, I was sleeping, and suddenly felt back pains. In the dream I died and I saw my own spirit.

A man resembling the pope came to me. I wondered and said to myself. Why is it a man in Christian clothes coming to me to fetch my soul to the realm of the dead and not a Muslim man? If I'm dead, why do I see him?

Then 3-4 years ago I had another dream. I saw a big sea and the water was very dark. I was standing in the water and Jesus appeared to me. He seemed to be airy and hovering. He looked at me but did not speak. I calmed down when looking at him. He held out his hands and signaled, "come here" with his hands.

He was wearing a crown resembling a sun. - Not a yellow, but a bright, white light. At first the sea was in turmoil, but now it also became completely calm, and then I woke up.

Jesus has a message for both Muslims and Christians.

I started reading books about dreams, and also searched the internet, but could not really get answers to what the dream meant. I grabbed a bible and read it daily, and here I found out what the dream meant. I accepted Jesus and became a Christian.

I prayed and told Jesus, "I want to go to church, but I cannot here in Iran."

It is very difficult to change religion in Iran. It is considered to be a very bad thing. You risk being killed. Everyone in my family is Muslim, and if Jesus had not met me in the dream, I would never have changed religion.

My college teacher said Jesus should be avoided! For Jesus was a bad person. I replied, “No, you are wrong. We read about Jesus both in Christian scriptures and in the Qur'an. Why do you say Jesus was bad or evil? He was not! ”

The teacher thought it was blasphemy when Christians say that Jesus is the Son of God. For in his understanding God has no children.

The teacher then threw me out of school and I was no longer allowed to attend his classes. I also could not take an exam in this subject. When the semester was over, I had to retake the subject with another teacher. It was expensive to pay for those extra hours, but I ended up with the university's highest grade.

I married Mahdi in Tbilisi, Georgia and came to Denmark two months later, and can now live freely as a Christian. I'm happy to go to church. Mahdi is also a Christian and he was very happy that I had received Jesus.

We are now expecting our first child, a daughter, whom we will name Christina. We would never have been allowed to do that in Iran, as it is a Christian name.

I chose to be baptized in the International Church in Hadsund because I believe in Jesus and I want to follow him. He came to me in a dream and called me to him. I believe that when I stood in the sea with him, He accepted me and cleansed me.

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