A special visit

Anne Molin

In the spring of 2020, after a long period with stress, I started a job in home care. I needed the driving time between visits to rest my brain. And since it was a large district, there was often a lot of driving time. 10 minutes is a lot of driving time in this line of work!! And that time was invaluable to me since the car became my prayer room. It was so nice to be able to relax, talk to Jesus and be ready for the next visit and for time with the colleagues.

One night I had longer transportation time as I was going to another city to help. Not so bad. On the way back, I suddenly saw an angel sitting on the seat next to me. I could see it - and still not see it, but there was no doubt. It was sitting on my iPad, which I was a little embarrassed about… Had I known what was going to happen, I would have moved the iPad! But I also knew that there was a meaning to the angel's visit. A citizen in particular was in my thoughts, because she and I had talked about Jesus, about illness, about healing, and life after death etc. and she has experienced that Jesus has become more real and alive to her.

So, when I came to her in the evening, we prayed together - not the first time, but because she had had a difficult time with her illness, at that time she would rather just die. We talked about God knowing the times - and that until it is her time, she can be light and salt to the many young people who come into her house to help.

I now have another job, but we still see each other. One day I came to visit, as usual, we talked about life and how it turns out for each of us. She mentioned the day I had spoken to her about being light and salt and how those words had entered far into her. And she said, "You have no idea how many people come and talk to me. All those from home care talk and tell me things from their lives - and I'm allowed to listen and sow the Word. It's fantastic." She was so grateful to Jesus for being used.

I think about how that angel visit gave me the courage to know that something extraordinary was about to happen. Not a day goes by without me comforting a citizen when it's difficult. Here was no consolation, here was a task, and by the grace of God I was allowed to convey it to her! And I was allowed to drive a car with an angel!!

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